Stump Grinding

We offer the following optional services:

  • Grinding stumps to a depth of 6 inches below ground level – for unsightly stumps and for the benefits of re-turfing
  • Total removal of the stump – for the purposes of replanting or construction work in the area.

We have a range of stump grinders from the smallest handheld (Alpine) stump grinder, the mid-sized (2010) grinder or the largest on the market, the remotely operated (7015) grinder.

Grinders are used due to the fact that chainsaws and other wood-cutting equipment will instantly blunt on contact with even the finest grade soil.

Our staff operating the equipment are experienced professionals fully trained in the use of all machines. We use fence screens where necessary to ensure that any flying debris does not cause damage to nearby objects.

Stump Carving

There is nothing more impressive than a carving on the base of a tree trunk, hand-carved by a skilled craftsman on site. We are lucky enough to have our very own stump carver

Charlie who is a master craftsman with wood. Charlie has been carving wood his whole life and there’s nothing he can’t create with a newly removed tree trunk.